After a very very long time, here we go with an English review again.

Alleycats, Matthau Mikojan and Uniklubi have been playing at Klubi at October, 4th.
Wann read how the show went?
LahjaDea am 12.11.09 00:46


Here we go again...

after a very very long time you finally find something new on the english part of RockBaari

Hopefully you are going to enjoy our interview with the Hellcity Punks...

HERE you go!
LahjaDea am 19.6.09 16:37

Hei there

WE are back!

Just passed by to let you know that we are back!
Here we go again, so come and check out the new review about Matthau Mikojan EP "Chasing Ghosts "

A lot of new things will follow!!!


The RockBar
rock.baari am 22.1.09 16:10

22th Dec

Moikka dears,

we want to remind you on the current Ngt-winning-Contest and will announce the english version of the Jonne Aaron Interview from 16th of December 2008.

Have a look at the posts below and send us your contribution fast ^^

All winning contests will be set online again tomorrow and give you a new opportunity to win, the deadline is the 24th of December 12:00 H (CET)

Merry Xmas

Yours RockBar

rock.baari am 22.12.08 11:42

AdventCalendar 20th Dec

Here we go punctual forward with Number 20 and would like to remind you on the current Negative Winning Contest.

All information you can find in the post below when you scroll down.
Please do NOT forget to copyright the pictures. Pictures without any copyrights can't be regarded.

We wish you good luck and a merry merry christmas
Yours RockBar

P.S.: All winners will appear on 24th of December after the Deadline.

rock.baari am 20.12.08 14:11

Advent Calendar18th&19th Dec

Hei Guys
we are really sorry for the delay again but the technical problems don't seem to have an end up to now. *sigh*

But now we have a very nice delicacy sponsored by the guys of Negative.

We want you to show some creativity and create a funny "comic", in other words take a picture from a concert(don't forget to copyright!) and put some speech bubbles over it and give us
something to laugh about.

The best result will win for sure and will be set online then.

Send the picture with subject "Negative" to with:
-your name
-your address

Deadline is the 24.12.2008 12:00 (CET)

In future the Negative Interview and Concert reviews will follow.

Merry Christmas
Yours RockBar

rock.baari am 19.12.08 18:39

AdventCalendar 16th & 17th

We are really sorry for not updating punctual but there were some technical problems which made it impossible to get into the page.

We want to know in which big american city BigBoy will perform in the future?

Send the solution to with your:


Good luck
The RockBar

P.S.: Tomorrow there will be a new winning contest with Negative and also Interview with Jonne and Matthau Mikojan will follow.

rock.baari am 17.12.08 18:36

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