AdventCalendar 15th Dec

So we are proud to give more tasks to the little hardworking Christmas elves ^^
and the next presents are sponsored by BigBoy himself.

We would like to know from you in which big city of America he will perform soon?

Please send the solution to with subject "BigBoy" including:

-your name
-your address

Deadline is the 17.12.2008 23:59 (CET)

Good luck

The RockBar
rock.baari am 15.12.08 14:16


AdventCalendar 14th Dec

Here we go with some small hints concerning the present Matthau Mikojan winning contest.

For the reason that it seems to be a bit unclear what he is showing in the video we decided to accept two answers as a solution.
Now we present you the hints:

a) We are looking for a classic adventure movie (title).
b) It's a job that has to do with animals, usually in a more peaceful way.

Please send the answer to with subject "Matthau" including:

-your name
-your address
-and the solution

Deadline is  16.12.2008 18:00 (CET)

Greetz and good luck

The RockBar 
rock.baari am 14.12.08 19:36

AdventCalendar 13th Dec

Hello here we are with the video:

Please click!

and here is the question:

Which movie does Matthau perform pantomimic or what is he doing(what's his "profession" there)?

Please send the answer to with subject "Matthau" including:

-your name
-your address
-your solution

Tomorrow there will follow some little hints for the solutionword.


The RockBar
rock.baari am 13.12.08 19:43

AdventCalendar 12 Dec

Here we are again...

Today we want to present you the rules for the Matthau Mikojan Contest, starting tomorrow, where we will upload a video.

Matthau is showing something pantomimic and of course we want you to guess what he is showing.
And for the reason he made it quite hard we will give hints to help you to  find the solution.

See you tomorrow!

Yours snowbound RockBarTeam
rock.baari am 12.12.08 18:59

AdventCalendar 11 Dec

Sorry for the delay, now we still want to present you the new good-looking candidate of our advent-calendar:

Matthau Mikojan

So have a look at the page during the next days and keep an eye to the upcoming winning contest!

The RockBar
rock.baari am 11.12.08 23:50

AdventCalendar 10th Dec

Hello dears ^^
now we are proud to present you on the 10th of december the Lovex interview.

So we will continue tomorrow with the next band delicacy.

Yours The RockBar

rock.baari am 10.12.08 16:37

AdventCalendar 9th of Dec

Hello dears ^___^
We want to give you the chance to get more gifts and the next band who has something to do with it is: Lovex!

And for this reason we want you to name us one song of the 1st album which was not written by the current singer Theon McInsane.

And to present you a real delicacy we will put the Lovex-Interview online tomorrow ^___^ from the last German Tour in October 2008.

Please send the answer to with subject "Lovex", including:

-your name
your address
-and the solution

Deadline is 9th of Dec 23:59 h (CET)

Good luck!

Yours RockBarTeam
rock.baari am 9.12.08 17:25

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